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    mha lighting has announced a strategic partnership with cheshire-based, sensory energy, a leading designer and supplier of energy saving technologies to the commercial and marine sectors.

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    intematix has announced availability of its reference design for a low cost, high light quality and efficient led high bay lighting system using remote phosphor technology.

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    a japanese research team has announced on january 10 that it developed a new efficiently deep ultraviolet sterilization led lamp, featuring small volume, electricity saving, environmentally and long lasting

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    philips announces the illumination of the renovated rijksmuseum in amsterdam and its entire art exhibition with its led lighting. as one of the lead partners in the renovation,

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    samsung announced the introduction of a new lineup of zhaga-compliant led h-series linear modules that feature extremely high efficacy,

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    cree, inc. (nasdaq: cree) extends the xlamp® cxa family of integrated led arrays with the new higher-light-output cxa2540 and cxa3050 leds.

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    plan has led to focus on supporting the project, project. since the 1960 s the first commercial led products listed since, led in indoor lighting applications business after the long way.


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